Mighty in Manila

By Lowell Hargreaves, Director of PAFCOE

This spring, our goal is to conduct Bible prophecy seminars in 140 churches in Manila!

AFCOE Philippines (PAFCOE) is tackling one of its biggest opportunities to date—to reach the entire sprawling metropolis of Manila.

In this eleventh most populous city in the world, almost 100 PAFCOE student evangelists are being trained to reach its 12 million people with the everlasting gospel. The goal is for 140 Bible prophecy series to be held in 140 churches. Pastor Ted Wilson from the General Conference will then conduct a final two-week reaping series from May 4–17, 2014.

You can imagine how intense our preparation for this project are. We currently have 46 full-time students completing evangelistic training, which includes all aspects of outreach—from health evangelism to child evangelism. On Sundays, another 47 students join our regulars for a full day of public evangelism training. These additional students are laymen who have jobs during the week but who want outreach instruction so they can conduct their own evangelistic meetings in our Metro Manila project.

It is thrilling to see so many laymen eager to be effective evangelists for Christ! Our PAFCOE classroom at our host church, Manila Center, cannot accommodate everyone on Sundays, so we conduct training in the church. These laymen are mostly leaders in their local churches who want to improve their gifts in reaching out more aggressively.

PAFCOE staff recently conducted a workshop on child evangelism for church school teachers. One third of the population in the Philippines is under the age of 15, so there is a great opportunity to reach many children who have not heard the three angels’ messages.

We are currently conducting a four-week open air evangelistic effort Quezon City, the largest suburb of Metro Manila. The Quezon Memorial Circle is a park where hundreds come to relax in the evening to spend time with family or exercise. Our nightly health talks in the heart of the park draw crowds. The follow-up presentations on prophecy are reaching a large group who sit quietly in the cool night air to hear God’s truth. Even those who do not show a direct interest and sit on the outskirts in the shadows still listen in. Though it is the dry season in the Philippines, God’s Spirit is being poured out like rain. Only eternity will reveal the far-reaching effect of the seeds of truth being sown.

After this series, PAFCOE students will spread out through Manila to conduct their own four-week evangelistic meetings. Because of your generous support, we are able to provide them with evangelistic slides, scripts, handouts, and a small budget. These young evangelists are eager to “do” their own meetings. After PAFCOE training they are “infected” with a zeal to share truth!

You can read more stories about what Amazing Facts is doing in the Philippines by visiting our website: www.pafcoe.org. Please pray for our Metro Manila evangelistic meetings. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!